Is it a good idea to enrol in Calmwaters School of Fly Fishing? You bet! To pick up a fly rod and give it a go by yourself or with a friend can be a daunting task. This is what I hear almost every time I begin our day with new fly fishing pupils. The Grand River in Fergus Ontario is a terrific River to not only learn to fly fish but as a guide, it is a great River to teach on also. It has everything that a Trout River has to offer. Rapids, slow pools, streamer fishing, dry fly fishing and nymph fishing.

Your day will start with an hour of dry land training, learning the fly cast and some very basic information about fly fishing. This is the easy part of the day. Most clients feel quite comfortable with their cast as we begin to prepare to walk into the river for the first time. However, and I do stress this, all clients seem to forget absolutely everything they learned on land as they enter the “real world” of fly fishing and the water begins to rush past there legs and the wind begins to take over. Yet, because of our dry land training it is quite easy to recapture the muscle memory of the fly cast and begin to put it all together on the stream. 

Casting is the simple part of this sport. Learning about keeping a tight line between the fly and the “trigger finger” is a simple exercise but a very difficult task to master. Mending of the fly is a must, yet most people do not do this nearly enough. Through this “on the water education” you will learn these and many other aspects of fly fishing. Guiding people as they progress is very rewarding. Both myself and my clients feel excited with every accomplishment. 

Calmwaters Fly Fishing School will help you with with the physical part of this sport but we also focus on the mental aspects of fly fishing. Helping you to become closer with the river and its inhabitants are as important as mastering the cast.

Take a guide day with Calmwaters Fly Fishing and see how our education can bring you closer to nature as well as yourself.