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Women in Fly Fishing

Women in Fly Fishing

Welcome to the River - our Women in Fly Fishing Series has officially launched!

WOMENin Fly Fishing

Join Calmwaters’ Fly Fishing Guide Alyx Parks on a journey into the River – a day specifically curated for Women in Fly Fishing. This incredible sport is no longer just a man’s getaway, but a fantastic opportunity for women to hone in on their skills and connect with not only fish, but all the River has to offer. Alyx will work with each of you on your cast, river management, line control and landing a trout – the basics to get you working the waters for years to come. Meet like-minded women, immerse yourself in the outdoors and explore the ins and outs of learning to fly.

Your day will consist of

  • Dry-land training – Ensure proper equipment, casting and river management (All equipment provided)
  • Etiquette training – Learn how to navigate the rivers through proper technique and etiquette for your fellow fly fisherman (and the rivers’ precious inhabitants!)
  • Lunch! (Provided)
  • Time on the water – Get geared up and ready to start casting those flies!
  • Reflection – What is it like being a woman in a male-dominated sport? Get some insight and keynotes on this topic from your guide, Alyx
*All equipment, gear and lunch/snack provided
*Fishing license required $13.80 and can be obtained here

The New York Times says that the fastest growing demographic of fly fishing is women - and we're making it happen.



A Flygirl for over 20 years, Alyx began her journey on the Rivers at the age of 8. She swings for migratory Steelhead, resident Browns, feisty Smallmouth and is the driving force behind our niche in the Technology Market. You can find her not only Fly Guiding but acting as our Corporate Career Coach and Team Building Trainer.

Outside of hanging around her beloved Rivers, Alyx is a Technology Career Coach and UX Designer in downtown Toronto.

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Calmwaters Fly Fishing

Calmwaters Fly Fishing is a growing Guiding business located in Southern Ontario – welcoming anglers of all skill levels to the rivers.

Calmwaters is committed to the preservation of fish for generations to come, so we are a catch-and-release guiding company and use barbless hooks on our flies.

Our philosophy is to create an experience that is guided by the driving force of nature and education alike.

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What to Bring.

You will need sunglasses, bug spray and comfortable water shoes.

We will supply all waders (if needed for your particular river day), rods, and reels.

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