Wow. That’s a bold statement. If any of you know me, I am not a person who stands on the top of a rock and beats his chest with bravado. But I guess it’s time to monkey up.

I have never been as excited and confident about our Fly Fishing School as I am now. The Trout opener is only days away and the trout flies are rapidly in production for our upcoming students. Each day I get “the” question. “Do you think we will catch a fish?” I politely nod and say “well that is up to the trout”. It’s called fishing. Not catching.

What I do love to hear however is “Why did the fish finally decide to bite?” This usually happens nearing the end of our Learn to Fly Fish Day. When ever I hear this question it is time to sit on the side of the bank and explain why we had some hookups. Quite simply, the fish did not suddenly turn on. Or for some magical reason the guide found that “lucky” fly. I explain that it has everything to do with the student”s ability. Sure there is luck in fly fishing but just a little. Most times if there is a hookup (especially for trout) it is due to skill. If we are streamer fishing then the student moved that fly fast enough to entice the trout. Or if we are nymphing or dry fly fishing usually the student has grasped the concept of mending the line or other casting or fishing skills.

The trout did not decide to finally get hungry. It is the skill of the new fly fisherman that has brought these fish to the fly. The smiles on each of my students is always the expression that brings me back to the river anticipating another fun filled Learn to Fly Fish Day.

Good luck out there. We have the whole season ahead of us!