Have you been contemplating about learning how to Spey Cast? By far the most enjoyable and exciting way to hook onto a powerful Ontario Steelhead is on the “swing”. 

The main question I hear is what weight and length of a rod should I buy and what line should I use? A 13″ 7 weight is a great set up for The Grand River, The Maitland River and the Saugeen River. The Scientific Anglers product “Deliverance Spey” is a great set up for a line in a 480 – 520 grain. Designed for new casters and comes with multiple tips to get the Fly down to the fish in all Ontario river conditions. Double Handed Spey is not to hard to pick up with the right instruction. But you will need to purchase new equipment. However, do you have a 6 weight or 7 weight rod in your possession? The Single Hand Spey is incredibly effective on our Ontario Rivers for Steelhead and Trophy Smallmouth Bass. 

The Scientific Anglers product “Spey Lite” in a 275 grain suits well with a 6 or 7 weight rod. Simply attach the line to your backing and your ready to go. Sending a 70ft – 80ft cast is effortless with this Fly Line. But most importantly, you can cast short much easier with the single hand compared to the longer double hand style. Meaning you are able to cover all the water effectively and not cast past some of these migratory fish. Of course you can cast short with the longer double hand rods but it is harder to contain oneself not to throw a Hail Mary each and every cast.

Our learn to Fly Fish days for Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass with a Single Hand Spey will greatly increase your chances to hook into some of these elusive fish. A good recommendation would be to start with the single hand set up and then move to the double hand Spey. Easier transition with less frustration. The TFO AXIOM II and the AXIOM II- X are both awesome rods that suit well to the single hand Spey set ups. 
Look for our future blog on the TFO DRIFT Rod. This is the most innovative product I have seen on the market to date. 


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