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Learn to Fly Fish

Learn to Fly Fish

Fly Fish in Ontario

Ontario’s best choice for fly fishing education just a short drive from Toronto.

Learn to Fly Fish from the very best guides in Southern Ontario!  With Calmwaters experienced guides, you will learn how to cast, mend, tie knots, when to use different flies and more. But there are the subtle changes and movements above & within the river that should not be ignored. Our Ontario fly fishing education quickly helps every fly fisherman shift to the next level. Fly fishing lessons are a must for all levels of anglers. Our Ontario Learn To Fly Fishing courses are taught on the river – where the fish are.


“Anyone can learn. Everyone will learn.”

“Without the right approach, learning to Fly Fish can be frustrating at best.” When you take a course from Calmwaters our philosophy is simple: “Anyone can learn. Everyone will learn.”

Fly Fishing Courses

We provide a short “on land” casting introduction and then move to the water to enjoy your day. We encourage smaller groups such as 1-3 people per guide to ensure the ultimate hands-on experience. Enjoy this as a solitary day, or with companions, and see why our Ontario Fly Fishing education is second to none. Among our more experienced guides is Jeff Parks, whose lifelong pursuit of this amazing sport means you will learn from the very best.

Don’t forget your fishing licence.  You can purchase it online here


Calmwaters Fly Fishing

Calmwaters Fly Fishing is a growing Guiding business located in Southern Ontario – welcoming anglers of all skill levels to the rivers.

Calmwaters is committed to the preservation of fish for generations to come, so we are a catch-and-release guiding company and use barbless hooks on our flies.

Our philosophy is to create an experience that is guided by the driving force of nature and education alike.

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What to Bring.

You will need sunglasses, bug spray and comfortable water shoes.

We will supply all waders (if needed for your particular river day), rods, and reels.

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