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Ontario Steelhead

Ontario Steelhead

“Truly the the power and grace of an Ontario Steelhead is the reason these Chrome Beauties are a Fly Fisherman’s dream.”

Ontario Steelhead

Within a short drive from the City of Toronto are many Great Lake tributaries that provide world class Steelhead Fly Fishing. Walking and Wading for our Spring and Fall runs is a great way to Fly Fish for these Ontario steelheads when the Drift Boat option is unavailable.
The Grand River, the Credit River, the Maitland River, the Saugeen River, the Big Head River and the Beaver River are amongst our main Ontario targeted Streams. We target these Ontario Migratory fish by swinging with a Spey Rod and/or by Nymphing tactics in the pocket water. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or expert we have the capability to ensure your day is a great success.

DiscoverOntario Rivers

Each Ontario River has it’s own distinct characteristics which is why we have our own unique Fly Patterns and fishing techniques that are used for each system. Our spring and summer Ontario steelhead runs can be an incredible rewarding Fly Fishing experience. Let our Fly Fishing guides show you our Rivers. We are proud of them!

We can cater to any fishing experience you may want to pursue.  Let us show you the ways of the river. Don’t forget your fishing licence. You can purchase it online

Ontario Steelhead

Calmwaters Fly Fishing

Calmwaters Fly Fishing is a growing Guiding business located in Southern Ontario – welcoming anglers of all skill levels to the rivers.

Calmwaters is committed to the preservation of fish for generations to come, so we are a catch-and-release guiding company and use barbless hooks on our flies.

Our philosophy is to create an experience that is guided by the driving force of nature and education alike.

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What to Bring.

You will need sunglasses, bug spray and comfortable water shoes.

We will supply all waders (if needed for your particular river day), rods, and reels.

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