Take a look at your fly boxes. A real hard look. Be honest with yourself. How many of those flies buried deep among a hundred other flies actually worked last year. If you’re like me there are only a handful of them that truly performed.

Steelhead Flies
To open up a fly box and see the whole container filled with different patterns and colours is an awesome sight. Trout, Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass and Musky containers just don’t look professional enough unless they are busting at the seams. Right? But realistically, we probably only use 25 -30% of what lies deep in our fishing packs or vests.
Fly Fishing Lodges. enjoy your fly fishing day and come back and relax at Calmwaters Cottage.
Musky fly

This season try and go skinny. Skinny meaning less flies in your packs and more emphasis on your technique and presentation. While working resident trout take 5 – 7 patterns each with a few different colour combinations. Same with Steelhead or Smallmouth Bass (even less) or Musky. Working the river and getting the fly in front of the fish is more important then changing patterns every 5 minutes to finding that lucky fly. Most good fly fisherman have a few “go to” patterns that they constantly use and fish with confidence.

It is this confidence that gives you the focus to drift that fly towards the fish. Travel light, and fish smart.