When searching for migratory Steelhead there is nothing better then taking a Drift boat tour down a beautiful remote stretch of river that is void of other anglers. The Drift boat can take you to areas that are not accessible by foot. When you hit an area with fish, there is nothing better!

drift boat day

However, these fish are on the move. Unfortunately because of this you could virtually be on a stretch of river that has very little or no fish at all. This is where you have to trust your fly fishing guide. This season here in Ontario I have Walked and Waded with my customers about 70% of the time. The rest has been on the Drift boat. Walking allows you to skip from concession to concession moving from upriver to down river on different stretches within 15 minutes. When you find the fish you stay for a while. If you haven’t found them you move quickly to your next destination.

Justin with SteelheadThis has produced more fish this year then Drifting. Both options are a great way to find fish but if your guide recommends walking rather then a Drift, take his or her advice and start hoofing it!