Less then 3 weeks from now and we will drifting our awesome rivers for Ontario’s trophy sized Smallmouth Bass. We all love our resident trout and large migratory Ontario Steelhead, but I can safely say that Ontario Smallmouth fishing is by far my favourite fish to fly fish for in our fresh water systems.

Smallmouth BassMany anglers shy away from these Bronzeback’s as they feel they are to easy to catch and do not provide a challenge compared to our Brown Trout here on the Grand River in Fergus. In a way these people are correct if you are targeting the smaller 8″-14″ Smallmouth Bass. This size will always provide a fun and busy day on the river without to much skill. However, should you be interested in hooking on to our many 18″-22″ Ontario Smallmouth’s you will need every bit as skill as you need for a 22″ Brown Trout. 

The key is the way you make your fly move in the column of water. Luring a large Smallmouth out from under a log or from behind a large rock is all in the movement of the fly. When we teach and educate our clients on this subtle action we speak more about a small tap then a short or long strip. I know a small tap and a short strip sound like the same movement but there is definitely a difference. A strip is done by pulling the line in towards you. However a tap is done with your rod tip. One or two short “taps” will provide the necessary movement of all the feathers and fur of your fly. This tapping movement will trigger more strikes then a short or long strip will. Plus you will allow your fly to sink closer to the bottom and get into the strike zone where these larger Ontario Smallmouth Bass are lying.

Do not under estimate our trophy Ontario Smallmouth Bass. They always provide an action packed day!