Let’s face it, fly fishing is not all about catching the “big” one.

I love everything about this silent sport. Activities such as tying flies, organizing my fly box, popping into my favourite fly shop for some much needed fish chatter, plus purchasing some new gear keeps my blood rolling. Even the quiet 2 hour drive at 4:00 in the morning, sipping on my medium regular Timmies and munching on some unhealthy timbits (oh so tasty) is a treat. The sound of the fast moving, cold water hitting my waders as I step into my chosen Steelhead River is music to my ears. The surroundings, the wind, the rain or the sun all feel good on my skin. I say to myself that I don’t need to catch a fish to enjoy my day, yet the little voice in my head chirps up and says “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND”! img_3782.jpg

I quickly regroup and dig deep into my Chest Pack and pull out my favourite fly. I’m sure everyone who fishes for Steelhead has that “favourite fly” in their arsenal. The one that seems to catch most of your Steelhead throughout the season. Why does it work? Because you fish it with confidence. That’s why.

I have a different “chosen fly” for each system I fish. Silver and purples for the Toronto area tributaries. Black for the Collingwood area streams. Pink and Green for the Huron rivers. I’m sure other people have their own favourite fly patterns and colours for our Ontario tributaries. Yet fly fisherman who connect with Steelhead time after time, fish with confidence with their special flies. They’re focused on its swing, depth and movement throughout the current. Watching every subtle change that occurs in the river. If you believe that your fly will produce, then that fly will. Confidence is the key.



Fish your fly with confidence and passion.