It’s that time of year again. We are still casting crayfish flies and clousers on our favourite streams for Ontario Smallmouth, but lurking amongst them are a few chrome jewels with plenty more to arrive.image1.jpeg

Ontario Steelheading on the fly can be challenging but not impossible. We are all impatiently waiting for the cooler nights and the fall rains to kickstart our season.

The last two years have been tough as the numbers of Steelhead just did not appear. Yet already this year we have begun to see a few. Definitely a great sign!

To maximize your success in catching these brutes it is imperative to watch the Ontario Wateroffice graphs of your favourite Steelhead rivers. When the graph shows that the rivers are on a rise then stay away as they are usually to dirty and dangerous. Wait for the graph to “crest”. The river now has stopped rising and will then begin to clear and drop. This is the time to suit up, grab your Spey rod or indicator rig and head to the streams. There is nothing worse then arriving to do some fly fishing for Steelhead and find you river is blown out.

Use these graphs for better success at catching our silver Ontario Steelhead

River & Fish Conditions