Many people feel that booking a fly fishing guide is expensive and not worth the time and effort.Eagle River, Colorado
Many years ago I booked a fly guide in Colorado. Mainly I wanted to know where to go and not fish in any private waters. Plus I felt I could always learn something new so maybe my guide would be able to give me a few extra tips to help my fly cast or river manageability.

Worst guide ever! Sure I found some water to fish but my guide was more occupied at fishing with my fly rod and trying to physically show me the cast. I felt uncomfortable with him so when I did fish I couldn’t fish with confidence.

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Taking a fly fishing lesson from Fly Fishing guide Jeff Parks.
I decided then that being a fly fishing guide here in Ontario was what I wanted to do. As a guide I have found that we must try to work with our clients to become comfortable with you standing beside them. I believe if you are confident you will fish better. Guides need to give simple instructions to not make fly fishing complicated. Our sport is simple. Get the fly in front of the fish.
People take lessons to improve their golf game. Taking a fly fishing guide is the same thing. Many fisherman buy new products to help them hook more fish. New rods, reels, tippets, flies, leaders, you name it we have all purchased some new trinket to help us catch the “big one”. But taking a lesson on the river is where most of us should be spending their money. I myself take a couple of lessons from my guiding peers at least twice a year. We all need a refresher from someone else to keep us keen on the streams.
IMG_4219.JPGI’ve always said, find a guide that you can spend 6-8 hours with and feel comfortable. Move out of your comfort zone and try new fishing techniques. The golfer will lower his handicap with professional instruction. The fly fisherman will also benefit in the same way.


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