As our Ontario Steelhead begin their migration up our tributaries we all dream of hooking these silver bullets at night. When the alarm goes off at 4:30am, we never seem as tired as we do when we are waking up for work at 6:30am. Quick coffee and a few timbits and we are off for our adventure. 

Because we are never alone in our quest for these Steelhead we find when we do get to our favourite location that 30 or so other fisherman were having the same dream the night before. After muttering a few curse words we walk into the stream and try and find a free piece of water to fish.

The Big Head River in Meaford, Ontario, the Maitland River in Goderich and the Saugeen River in Southampton can be very crowded when the run is on. Many people shake their head and move towards the main runs and try their luck. 

image1Before you walk into the river, take a look at the people pressure. Where are they mostly located. Are they catching Steelhead. The pressure that fisherman are igniting in the river will determine where the Steelhead will be. Sure there will always be fish in the main pools. But try and determine where the fish would swim and hide from the fisherman. Especially after one has been caught and had created a commotion within a pool. This will certainly move some fish either up or down river into a place to hide such as behind a boulder or some Rapids. If you move away from the people you should find quite a few dispersed Steelhead calming themselves in other locations.

Moral of the blog? Don’t hang with the crowds. Find your own piece of Chrome farther away.

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