When the rains have not filled up our rivers, and the Steelhead are far and few between, take this opportunity to scope out your favourite stream.

Every year a river changes. Great pools may have been carved away from old man winter. New runs are created and old ones may lack the flow they once had.

Take advantage of the dry weather and hike up and down some of your Steelhead haunts. The water will be low, which will enable you to see where potential hiding spots will be for these silver bullets.

image1Ontario Steelhead are strong but they need to rest. The skinny water will allow you to find these quiet spots. Map them out. Take pictures of trees or stumps to remind you where they are. Once the water rises it will be difficult to remember these hiding places. Photos will help. When the rivers are full of water and Steelhead you will be much more prepared to find fish then your average fellow fly fisherman.