10402660_654237254663099_8723612483002377877_nShould you put more money into a fly fishing rod then putting more money into a fly fishing reel?

The answer to this question seems always to be the same when I think about the fish that we target here on our Ontario streams.

I spend many a day in the spring summer and fall on the grand river here in Fergus Ontario teaching people how to fly fish and the focus always seems to be on the Rod.

While targeting brown trout on the grand River accuracy with your cast is a must. So the focus should be heavily on the rod that suits you better coupled with the best fly fishing line that will get the job done. In fact as we fish the Grand River we do not even use the reel to retrieve and fight our Ontario gems.

Speaking about trophies, Smallmouth Bass here in Ontario is another reason to have a better Flyfishing rod then your reel. The Saugeen River, the Maitland River along with the Grand River in Paris area has some of the most incredible Smallmouth Bass fishing that North America has to offer. Finding the right fishing line and the right fly fishing rod will help you connect with these big bronze backs.

Ontario steelhead are an incredible species to target  and of course you need a good reel to bring them to shore. Yet again it is the rod and the fly line that will help you become successful with hooking and landing the silver bullets. As you can see I have not mentioned the reel much here in this blog. Of course you need a good reel with good drag and large arbor for some of the bigger species yet you should spend more of your hard earned dollars on a higher quality rod that is suited for your cast along with a good fly line that will enable you to cast and retrieve our Ontario River inhabitants.

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