image copyI often get asked how old does a child have to be to begin to introduce them to Fly Fishing. This depends not as much on age or weight and height. This is more conditional on their attention span and enthusiasm. Of course it is difficult to create excitement until they step into the water and begin to cast but giving a child a chance to learn about the river and the creatures within is a rewarding experience.

A learn to fly fishing day with a parent and child is by far my most rewarding guiding experience. It doesn’t matter the age of the child. The younger ones seemed to take in the information like a sponge and enjoy not only the fishing aspect but also the animals and creatures above and below the river.take them fishing

Taking a teenager for a learn to day on the Grand River in Fergus is also an incredible way to bond with them. Once on the river all talk about school, problems at home or with friends are gone for 6 hours. I find the parent and child are relaxed and a sense of “everything is going to be ok” seems to be the mood of the day. I’m not saying this is the cure for all problems within parenthood but it is a great escape from the constant teenage blues.

Whether you take a drift boat day on our ontario rivers or a learn to walk and wade day up on the Grand River up in Fergus with you child, you will definitely be carving in some incredible memories for the both of you.

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