Some days we have such great luck Steelheading. Four, maybe Five Steelhead on a cold blustery fall day. Life on the river couldn’t be better. Then we encounter the dark days on the streams. If you have spoken to other fly fisherman and one or two say they have never been skunked fly fishing for Steelhead they are not telling the truth!

All my other guide buddies and myself talk about the dark days. The fish are obviously in the systems. But some days they just will not play ball. This is tough to take. We question ourselves. Should I have done something different? Used different flys? Slowed down my swing? Used more weight? Used less weight? Should I have worn a different jacket? Brushed my teeth with my left hand rather then my right???  Chrome

These are the questions that run through our minds as we take the long two hour drive home. Confidence has taken a big hit. Your buddy hit one upriver. Your other buddy hit two downriver. This happens to us all. What I do in this case is always keep my chin up. Festering will get you no where. It was just Steelheading.

This happens every season to us all. Use this down time to work on new approaches such as different colour flys and maybe tweek your set up a little for the depth of the rivers.

Dont let it bring you down. There is always tomorrow!


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