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Drift Boat

Ontario Drift Boat Tours

“If you’ve ever asked a guide what his favourite trip would be, it would most likely be a Drift Boat excursion.”


A float trip is by far the best way to enjoy fishing while seeing remote stretches of Ontario’s rivers that are not accessible by foot. Our Clackacraft boats are the best in the business providing the ultimate in comfort, safety and fishing convenience.

The Maitland River, Goderich

The Maitland River (which we consider our home river) offers some of the largest and hardest fighting Steelhead found in our waters.  The best times to fish are from the last Saturday in April to around mid May as well as mid October to the end of December.

The Saugeen River, Walkerton

The Saugeen River is another world class river that fishes as well as the Maitland for Steelhead, and as with the Maitland it offers some incredible and remote scenery. The Saugeen can also be drifted for Trophy Smallmouth Bass as well as large and plentiful Musky (very fiesty!) in the Summer months.

The Grand River, Fergus & Paris

The river that is in closest proximity to the Buffalo border and Toronto area is the Grand River near Paris, Ontario. A beautiful drift that offers Steelhead and resident Rainbows in the Spring and Fall and also an incredible Smallmouth Bass fishery that will wow any angler in the Summer months.  This is a catch and release river and the sheer numbers that can be caught today is a tribute to the catch and release programs.

Calmwaters Fly Fishing

Calmwaters Fly Fishing is a growing Guiding business located in Southern Ontario – welcoming anglers of all skill levels to the rivers.

Calmwaters is committed to the preservation of fish for generations to come, so we are a catch-and-release guiding company and use barbless hooks on our flies.

Our philosophy is to create an experience that is guided by the driving force of nature and education alike.

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What to Bring.

You will need sunglasses, bug spray and comfortable water shoes.

We will supply all waders (if needed for your particular river day), rods, and reels.

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