Normally this time of year on our Ontario rivers we are happily walking or drifting our main systems with our two handed Spey Rods. Heavy rains bring on big water which in turn brings silver Steelhead. That’s the usual weather pattern. We tie big flies full of colour and bling to entice these chrome beauties. Normally swinging these flies with a Spey rod is by far our best bet to attack our larger rivers enabling us to cover the heavy flow.  img_20161123_175243_resized
Not this year. This drought that we are experiencing has our Ontario Rivers down to a trickle. These low flows are making it very difficult to actually get any kind of a swing on the normal runs that we target. However this doesn’t mean that we should stay home and pout. Dig out your single handed fly rods and dust them off.  Work with a slow sinking line and head to the softer water. A slow retrieve will get those Spey flies moving which in turn may ignite a strike. The water isn’t high enough to swing but if you work the fly yourself you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
img_20161124_102800_resized  Regroup and grab your single handed 7 or 8 weight. There’s fly fishing fun to be had out there!
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