Every year I learn something new about our Fall Ontario Steelhead. This season was no exception. Normally by November our rivers fill up with autumn rains and the Steelhead move in. This 11th month of the year is typically the start of Steelhead guiding season for Calmwaters Fly Fishing. This year as we know was tough – the rains did not happen.
 Walking along painfully long, low, extra skinny stretches of river one would certainly shake their head and move on. I’ve said it many times “there is no way a Steelhead could navigate through this lack of water.” Yet these chrome bullets proved me wrong again.
We did receive a few bumps of water and the fish came in. Anglers had success on the stretches closer to the lakes. Some fish, mountains of people. Yet even before the bumps of rain our Steelhead made their journey through inches of water much farther upstream. We began finding them in the deeper pockets miles above the Great Lakes. Their determination and will to survive is incredibly strong. This is not new news but when you wander the rivers in these drought conditions you can’t help but shake your head in disbelief at the incredible power of Mother Nature.  img_20161123_175243_resized
Always keep moving and walking when Fly Fishing for Ontario Steelhead. If your determination and will to catch these fish is as strong as their will to survive, you will hook up.
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