Fly fishing education comes up often in my blogs, but this year I am really excited about Calmwaters Fly Fishing School.  2015-05-24 14.00.49

Our year to date has been extremely busy.  We have had anglers of all ages come in search of fly fishing education – from 10 years old to 85.  In addition, they have come places near and far – local, out of province to overseas.

Calmwaters focuses on all aspects of fly fishing here in Fergus, Ontario.  The Grand River has been fishing well with lots of opportunities for all types of fly fishing – dry fly, nymphing, streamers…

It’s pretty hard to fly fish if you can’t cast, therefore the first thing we concentrate on is casting. This is the easiest part of the fly fishing education for me. Teaching a customer to cast usually takes about an hour. By the time our day is over the cast for most people is very natural. Hence we can move to on-the-river education such as mending the line, presenting the fly and general river maintenance.

2015-07-16 12.37.00 Take a drive up to Fergus, Ontario. You’ll find the Grand River a delightful river to fly fish. After Calmwaters Learn to Fly fish course, you’ll be ready on your own to wander our glorious rivers that Ontario has to offer.  2015-08-17 12.59.41

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