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Fly Colour for Big Bass

This year has been an awesome season for Smallmouth Bass here in Ontario. The low warm water has these powerful brutes active and aggressive. As usual, a well placed brown or green Crayfish pattern will most likely trigger a strike. However I’m finding this year that my best producing colour of a fly for the big boys is good ol’ White.
I have in my fly box 4-5 different white patterns at all times. Different sizes and different materials. Not one pattern seems to work for every river system. Smaller flies work for one river while larger flies work for another. But one thing remains the same. White flies produce. Rabbit tail, marabou and synthetics should all be used. Keep these flies near the river bottom with some good mending and some rod tip twitches, making sure you have no or little line slack between your trigger finger and the fly.

My favourite colour of a popper? Yep, White.

Tying flies is a rewarding experience.

Salt water flies work great for Ontario Smallmouth Bass

Unbelievable, but we are approaching August. Many more days for these Smallmouth Bass. Yet as the cooler nights approach we can begin to dream of our powerful Steelhead.
What’s a great colour to have in your fly boxes? You guessed it. White. Among all those beautifully tied purples, pinks, chartreuse, blacks and oranges make sure some white is tucked in with them.
I’ve said it before “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right”.

Fly Patterns

We all love to hit the sunny south in search of some new species of fish. Lately we have been travelling to the Fort Myers/Pine Island area down on the Gulf Coast in Florida. Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral and Pompano are the major species we target during our snowy winter months.

Like most fly fisherman I popped into the local fly shops and purchased the “lucky” flies for the area. I had some luck but there was many a time where I came home with my head hanging in shame. So much water out there and not a fish to be found.

One beautiful day when we were cruising around the Sanibel Beach area the fish were surfacing and once again my Floridian purchased flies were untouched. I dug deep into my Orvis Chest Pack and found three of my favourite Smallmouth Bass guide flies that I use exclusively for the Saugeen River in Walkerton, Ontario when guiding in my Clackacraft drift boat.

One of these flies is all white and has incredible movement. Three casts and wham! About a 28″ powerful Snook. The rest of the day we caught Snook, Jacks and Sea Trout. Moving to the skinnier water I changed my fly to a black Clouser with red accents that is awesome for Fall Smallmouth. Wham! My first big Redfish. 

My success continued. Just because these fish live in Saltwater doesn’t mean they exclusively feed on different patterns then freshwater. I’m not saying that the local patterns of the gulf coast do not perform. But when the fishing gets tough take your Ontario Smallmouth Bass Patterns. You WILL catch more Saltwater gems.