Jeff Parks

Calmwaters’ Lead Fly Fishing Guide

Jeff grew up on a small lake near Cambridge Ontario called Puslinch Lake, where his passion for fishing began. He picked up a fly rod early in his life and has been casting flies for over 35 years now.

Although he guides all of the rivers here in South Central Ontario his “Homewaters” would definitely be on the Maitland River in Goderich Ontario. Jeff has a no nonsense approach to helping clients learn the art of fly fishing and also guide the seasoned anglers into our many trophy fish that our province has to offer.

Senior Calm Waters Guide Jeff Parks

Calm Waters Guide Jeff Parks

Making people feel comfortable and relaxed is how Jeff brings out the fly fisherman in all of us.

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Sean Patterson

Sean Patterson

great attitude?You bet!

There is always a positive vibe coming from Calmwaters’ Guide Sean Patterson. This is exactly why even on the toughest days on the water Sean will never give up until you have had a fun filled exciting day. Full of knowledge, stories and an uncanny knack of finding fish, your day with Sean will definitely bring you back to the water! Although walking and wading is always an option, Sean loves to guide in his Clackacraft drift boat on our fish filled Ontario rivers.

Keith Blair

Keith Blair

Either walking & wading or spending a day on Keith Blair’s Osprey drift boat you will quickly realize that you made the right decision to spend 6-8 hours on the river with him searching for our Ontario gems. Keith’s easy going attitude gives you the chance to relax and enjoy the day ahead of you.  Not only will you increase your skills as a fly fisherman but you will also expand your passion for your surroundings around you. 


Hi Jeff
I wanted to say thank-you again, on an outstanding job guiding Peter and I, on our first drift boat experience through the “Exceptional Waters ” of the Grand River. Your guidance and valuable tips  (“to keep the rod tip down”) has helped us both feel more confident , which I am sure will result in  more fish being caught in the future.  Peter is still sore from “the big one” but has realized that fly fishing is not as difficult, once more time on the water is spent.   Only you “Captain Jeff “could remove the mystery of presentation which resulted in many fish caught and released that day. I wish you all the best in the future and hope that someday we may do this again!

A successful end to a tough week- Guiding with Jeff Parks

After spending countless hours on the steelhead rivers in Southern Ontario I was continuously coming up short handed. I honestly believed that my timing was always off and was too stubborn to realize it was a combination of not only timing the runs with the weather but also my rig setup, as well as reading and observing the water for potential staging areas.

I took a week off work in hopes to finally land that trophy Great Lake Steelhead. Three days flew by and not one fish was even spotted- time was running out!  I contacted Jeff Parks of Calmwaters in need of help to dial these fish in. This was the was the second time that I have hired Jeff for a lesson/guide. The first outing was on the Upper Grand, fine tuning my nymph fishing for those big browns that the Grand River is so infamous for.

The day started at 8:00am and by approximately 8:15am we had seen our first fish! Having an expert guide that spends all of their time learning these systems definitely pays off for the client. It didn’t take long before Jeff was putting me onto fish in tough conditions. His methods, tactics, and fly selection that he preaches proved to work time and time again!

As a full time Fire and Rescue instructor, I know what is involved in running a successful course. Jeff has this perfected- great personality, friendly persona, expert fishing knowledge, and down to earth attitude. If your in need of tweaking a specific skill set or looking to land that trophy fish while sharing the water with an all around great guy, I would highly recommend Jeff as your next professional fishing guide, can’t beat him!

-Randy MacLean ( repeat customer)

A Day with Jeff Parks

I hired Jeff for a day of steelhead fishing. This is a species I’ve had a lot of trouble dialing in over the last couple of seasons, but in less than an hour of being on the river with Jeff I soon realized where I was going wrong. With some minor tweaking of my tactics and approach, Jeff had me hooking some beautiful steelhead. Jeff is not only a great guide who puts you onto fish, he’s an even better teacher. His keep it simple and no nonsense attitude is both refreshing and welcoming, but most of all his methods work!

Jeff is friendly, knowledgeable and most of all a lot of fun. He makes you feel comfortable with your abilities, compliments you along the way and most of all corrects you when it matters most. He wants you to be successful and is just as excited as you are when that fish is on the end of your line. He’s the best fly fishermen I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the river with.

Book a day with Jeff, you won’t regret it!

-Todd Fritzley

Calmwaters is dedicated to the preservation of Ontario’s rivers and waterways.  Please check out Friends of the Grand to see what is happening with work for the Grand River.

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